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Welcome to "Voices of Our Youth." Here, you'll find a treasure trove of words straight from the hearts and minds of the incredible young people who are an integral part of our charity. These genuine, unfiltered expressions encapsulate their experiences, dreams, and the impact our organization has had on their lives. Dive into the stories, insights, and aspirations that define our mission through the voices that matter most—our youth. Their words inspire, empower, and illuminate the path towards a brighter future.


Hi, I'm Jack.

I came across OWLKEYME at a point in my life where I was very lost. I had recently stopped using Methamphetamine and lost all of my friends because of that I was very alone. I never would have even thought about doing yoga before I came across OWLKEYME and realised not all yoga is the judgmental Pilates mum vibe I thought it was, Lamb made ashtanga accessible to a complete beginner like me and got me hooked, I was able to take my practice to levels I never thought I could.

"Come find what you didn't know you were looking for"

OWLKEYME is a comfortable network of people that allows me to be myself without needing to prove myself. The positive influence of the Owls and how they are always there to listen helps me to keep on the right track.

We also have loads of fun and I feel so lucky with all the awesome opportunities like paid work printing shirts, a performance and helping with planning an event. With all their support and encouragement I now want to be able to mentor young guys who might be going down the wrong path and I hope to make as much of a difference in their life as OWLKEYME has made in mine.


Hi, I'm Megan.

What started off as drawing me in with super cheap yoga classes become so much more than that. Without OWLKEYME I would not be as far along with my yoga teacher training as I am, being able to teach my first class with them, which I was so nervous about, but being such a supportive environment gave me the courage to teach again. OWLKEYME gave me a sense of purpose when I lost my job and they had my back through one of the toughest years I’ve had mental health wise. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities through OWLKEYME that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, always having something to look forward to really made a difference.

"OWLKEYME has changed my life and I look forward to my future with them and all the exciting things to come"

From being sponsored to attend a self development workshop, printing clothes for businesses to designing artwork for an event and running mandala drawing workshops, something I’ve always dreamt of doing they made it happen. They helped me to see my strengths and their belief in me made me want to believe in myself.

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Hi, I'm Jordee.

My journey with OWLKEYME began in 2014 during their official launch week in Perth.

I was given the opportunity to assist the founder Nicole 'LAMB' Iovine and one of the two co-founders Carmen O'Halloran throughout the multiple dance workshops they provided to dance schools around Perth. This included assisting with the merchandise stall, introducing OWLKEYME at the beginning of each workshop, engaging with parents and young people, and independently running a raffle throughout the week to help raise money for future projects with OWLKEYME.

Jump 5 years ahead and now I am the

program manager for OWLKEYME with a Bachelor in Youth Work after being inspired to dedicate the rest of my life working with and guiding young people to reach their full potential.

I am very grateful for the numerous opportunities OWLKEYME has provided me as it has allowed me to learn more about myself and my capabilities, giving me the confidence I need in order to be the best Youth Worker I can be.

"[OWLKEYME] has allowed me to learn more about myself and my capabilities"

I look forward to what both OWLKEYME's and my own future holds, working, growing and learning alongside Lamb and all of the Owl's around Australia.

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